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Project Description

This is an Arcgis Add-in tool that implements a hydrological model -- TOPMODEL. This was developed by using c#, ArcObjects API for .Net and wateroneflow hydrologic data web service.

There are two modules in this tool. One is data download module and the other one is topmodel module.

For the data used in this hydrological model, I used the Hydrological Information System WaterOneFlow web service to download the precipitation data, discharge data and evapotranspiration data.

For the topmodel module, statistical software R is embedded in C#. By using existing R packages,  hydrological data is preprocessed and passed to TOPMODEL.


Please click the SOURCE CODE tag to see the source code.

Following are the snapshots for the Add-in tool

1. Snapshot for the user interface


2. Find data sites.

find sites


3. Download time series data

download data


4. Following is the snapshot of the topmodel module. You can specify the parameters and data that is used in this model.


5. The simulation result table


6. Compare simulation results


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